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Standard Poodles are the best! 

I grew up with German Shepherds and I loved them!   When I married my husband we realized he is allergic to most dogs (and cats)!   We started to research and see if there is a dog he can live with.   Our first dog was a Shih Tzu; she died at 13 years old.  After her we had a black lab; he died at 11 years old.  My husband was fine with both these dogs. 

We decided we wanted another larger dog but one that doesn't shed as much as the lab did. 

It took a while to convince my husband but in the end we chose a standard poodle.  She is smart, learns quick, within 1 - 5 repetitions!   She is friendly, good with other animals and children.  She barks and lets us know if someone is on our property; but is not a barker.  In the house she is calm; outside she runs, jumps and plays. 

At four months old she was tracking.  I was picking raspberries and she was playing beside me.  She got side tracked with a smell, probably a rabbit.  I left the raspberry patch and went back to the house.  At the deck I looked to see if she was coming.  She hadn't noticed I was gone yet.  I was curious what she would do so I watched her.  When she realized I was gone she started to look for me.  She looked around the raspberry patch, up and down the yard.  When she couldn't find me she went to the last place she saw me, put her nose to the ground and followed my exact foot steps right up to me!  I couldn't believe it!   This is when I found out they were originally used as hunting dogs.  What a smart dog!!!    

She loves to play.  

We love her!  

After three years we got our second female standard poodle this time with the intention of breeding them.  They are fantastic dogs!  

Our First Standard Poodle:  Rosie

Her mother is Lady Zsa Zsa of Leatherstocking

Her father is Cypress Slough Sterling Romeo

Our Second Standard Poodle:  Pepper

Pepper is a small standard or Moyne

Her mother is Sherrings Phluzi De La Coeur

Her father is Sherring Pharli De La Coeur

Our Third Standard Poodle:  

Our Future Stud:  Sage's Samson of Gingerbred Poodles  

His mother is Gingerbred Harbors Lights My Fire

His father is Gingerbred Red Dragon





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