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  Valley Aviary

Breeder's of Eclectus Parrots, Timneh African Grey, Greater Jardine & Cape Parrot


Available Babies


Eclectus Babies
$1300 each
  Babies are sold pending deposits

Timneh African Grey
$1250 each

  None at this time 

Greater/Black wing Jardines

  Babies are sold pending deposits 

White Bellied Caique

  We have an 8 year old tame male white bellied caique looking for a new home. 
  He is tame, friendly, loves attention and stealing food.   lol
  He has been dna disease tested for polyoma, psitticosis, pachecos, PBFD and PDD - all negative.   



Available Breeders & Supplies

Proven pair of Jardines - Male is greater; female is blackwing.  They are very bonded and give nice babies; often four babies at a time.    Will feed the babies as long as you want. 
Proven pair of Timneh African Grey
Sale Pending
Bonded pair of Timneh African Grey - the hen is just coming of age.  This pair appears to carry the red factor.  
Sale Pending
Bonded pair of Timneh African Grey - this pair are both just three years old. 
Pictures to come
Aviary equipment - Brinsea incubator, Petiatric Brooders, Corners Cages, etc. etc. 



To watch videos of babies click here


Please email or phone: (204) 746-8919 for availability.


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