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The Great Outdoors

Should our parrots go outside?  If we decide, 'yes' then we need to ask ourselves several questions:

  1. How much freedom will we allow?  Do we allow some supervised flight?  Do we allow them to wander around on the ground?  
  2. Do we take them in their cage only?
  3. What about West Nile Disease?
  4. Does someone in the neighborhood have a cat?  A scratch from a cat could prove fatal.
  5. Are there any eagles or hawks nearby?  Don't assume your presence will keep them away.
  6. Could something startle your parrot and it fly off and get lost?  Even a clipped bird can attain flight with the help of the wind and his tail feathers.
  7. Sudden flight could lead to a accident.  Because of fear your parrot could fly into an on-coming car.
  8. Could your parrot accidentally eat something poisonous?  There may be plants that have been sprayed.
  9. Could your parrot be over exposed to the sunlight?  To much heat is not good for your parrot.
  10. Are there insects that could bite your parrot?  
  11. Your parrot could be exposed to the feces of a sick wild bird.  (Avian Flu?)
  12. Your parrot could be exposed to the feces of a squirrel or raccoon, etc.  They can carry a bacteria that is deadly for your parrot.
  13. Is your bird trained to be on a flight harness?

Some positive things about taking our parrots outside include:  exposure to full spectrum lighting, they can experience new types of stimulation, they have the pleasure of a change and of our company outside.  Be aware to much stimulation is not always good for them, especially the greys who become very nervous.

I would say the negatives out weigh the positives.  

By taking these hand fed babies into our homes we assume the responsibility to care for them.  They are unable to survive on their own in our world.  If they escape they are in great danger.  We have to weigh our desires against their welfare.  


Here is a good video showing how to put a flight harness on your bird:


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