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We do not sell un-weaned baby parrots.  All our parrots are abundance weaned.  This means that we do not starve them or hold back food from them to hasten the weaning process.  When our parrots have the confidence they need, they will automatically become independent eaters.  Until then we always offer them food.  We do not sell them until they are refusing to be hand fed and they are holding a steady weight.

Hand feeding does not increase the parrot-person bond.  This is simply not true.  Weaning is a very stressful time in the parrots life and requires an experienced person to accomplish it properly.  If weaning is not accomplished properly many behavioural problems could ensue.

Hand-raised parrots are expensive and require a experienced handler to achieve the best possible.

Weaning is a lengthy and often difficult process.  The baby parrot often has many emotional needs during this time.  It can take 16 - 20 weeks for the Eclectus.  The nutritional and emotional needs of the baby must be met during this time.

Forced weaning is unacceptable.  To reduce the baby parrots hand feedings is cruel.  It causes the baby to distrust the hand feeder and it causes insecurities.  A hungry baby parrot simply won't eat.  This creates a huge emotional stress and can lead to physical illness or produce emotional instability down the road.   

We give our babies more than enough variety and quantity of weaning foods at all times during the day.  Also, the baby is encouraged to nibble food from our fingers.  Formula feedings are never reduced or eliminated before the baby is ready.  The droppings are constantly monitored and the baby is weighed first thing in the morning to make sure the weight remains within acceptable limits, especially through the critical slimming phase just prior to fledging.

Abundance weaning results in healthy happy babies of excellent pet quality because their nutritional and emotional needs are never compromised.  

"A hand-reared bird bought soon after it has been weaned by the breeder will be as responsive and affectionate to its new owner as one for which weaning has yet to be accomplished."  Rosemary Low from her book, "Hand-Rearing Parrots and Other Birds".   Babies do not bond better because the new owner weaned them.  Parrots are adaptable and re-bond many times during their lives.

Many problems can occur by a novice hand feeder:

bulletThe baby can aspirate and die.
bulletThe baby can get a crop burn.
bulletThe baby can starve because of a slow crop.
bulletThe baby can get a bacterial infection.
bulletWeaning regression occurs when mistakes are made near the end of the weaning process.
bulletDigestion system impaction.
bulletPhysical injuries if done improperly.

To conclude, an inexperienced individual is simply not competent nor properly equipped to deal with the many potential problems that can occur during the weaning process.  By the time the novice realizes there is a problem it is often to late.  

To get the full value for your money purchase a weaned parrot!

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